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1818 Wedding at Caledon

May 19, 2018

Despite the rain and despite the competition from another wedding of some popularity the same day (thanks, Harry and Meghan), the RSV celebrated the anniversary of the nuptials of Gustavas Brown and Sarah Stuart on the property where the couple made their home 200 years ago.  Our recreation was forced indoors by the somewhat messy weather but spirits were high.  There was a break enough in the rain that we were able to get outside for a few pictures of the "wedding party" prior to the recreation of the ceremony itself.  The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to those visitors who were brave enough to venture out as well as visiting with one another (such as our friends from the Maryland Federal Era/Regency Society) and doing other activities such as writing, gaming, and dancing.  It was certainly a unique event and we thank the Caledon State Park for inviting us to participate!  To get a glimpse at some of the photos that were taken that day, head over to our album on Facebook!  (You don't need to have a Facebook account to see them!)

Garden Party at Bacon's Castle

April 28, 2018

Virginia's Historic Garden Week concluded in southeastern Virginia with absolutely gorgeous weather and several members of the Regency Society of Virginia were able to enjoy a perfect spring day outside while introducing the visitors to Bacon's Castle to a little bit of the past.  The RSV wasn't the only group in attendance, however.  We began our morning by watching a parade of sports cars come down the drive of the 17th century manor house only to be told that the Ferrari Club of America had arrived.  One of the members remained back with the vehicles and very generously offered to let us pose with "horses" that would have stunned our early 19th century counterparts.  The remainder of the day was filled with lounging under the shade of one of the trees near the house, strolling about the beautiful grounds, playing period games, and listening to the lovely Irish harp music Mrs. Kennedy so kindly played for us.  The day passed remarkably quickly and we look forward to our next out-of-doors event (with hopes that the weather will be just as glorious!).  Thank you so very much to Preservation Virginia's Bacon's Castle for the invitation.  Make sure to check out our album on Facebook to see some of the pictures from our day out at Bacon's Castle!

"It Was a Fine Family-Piece: Dining with the Elliots, Musgroves, and Harvilles"

February 10, 2018

Several members and friends of the RSV gathered in Williamsburg for an afternoon of learning about how people ate during the early 19th century across class lines.  Our guide for this delicious trip into the past was Colonial Williamsburg Historic Foodways Journeyman (and RSV member!) Kimberly Costa.  In her informative program, Mrs. Costa led us through Regency era kitchens, dispelled several commonly-heard myths about period dining, discussed the types of foods that each of the various economic classes would have been eating, and spoke to what would be expected at the table--from dining time to dishes!  Following the lecture portion of the event, everyone was invited to create a confection suitable for the most elegant sort of table: a marzipan hedgehog!  All ages in attendance had a wonderful time shaping and decorating these delightful edible sculptures.  Thank you again to Kim for sharing her expertise and leading a superb event!  To see pictures, don't miss our album on Facebook!

An Evening of Theater: Pride and Prejudice at the Wells

January 27, 2018

What an amazing evening!  One would think that going to see an adaptation of the classic Austen novel would be treat enough, but to see it in a stunning and intimate theater surrounded by friends in period attire was beyond compare!  Even before the show began, we were anticipating a fun night.  How charming it was to see person after person enter the theater lobby in their period finest...and even moreso when it afforded us the opportunity to meet quite a few new people.  There was much lively conversation--among ourselves as well as with other theater patrons curious about our group--and it was thrilling to enter the theater at last only to see the seats filled with handsome ladies and dapper gentlemen.  Some of our number were fortunate enough to secure box seats which added even more to the period feel of going to the theater.  The play itself was well executed and the cast was superb.  After the show, we were able to speak with the cast and get a group shot with them which simply enhanced the evening.  Many thanks to the Virginia Stage Company and the Wells Theater for all of their help in making this a wonderful night!  If you weren't able to be there, do be sure to look at the pictures on Facebook!

RSV Annual Business Meeting

January 14, 2018

We were pleased with the turnout of members and friends who joined us in the capital of the Commonwealth to talk about the health and future of the Regency Society of Virginia.  After a brief business meeting in which we went over what we can do to improve the organization, debuted our 2018 event calendar, and discussed other event ideas, we adjourned to look over the incredible variety of goods that folks had brought to sell and trade (and even give away).  There were lots of folks who left with new-to-them items and others who were pleased to go home with less than they brought!   Watch our Events Calendar for updates and listings of all the exciting events that we have coming up in the new year.  The few pictures that we did manage to snap can be seen on Facebook!

Fifth Annual Twelfth Night Dinner

January 13, 2017

Once again the weather played havoc with our plans dumping several inches of snow in much of Central and Southeastern Virginia with temperatures remaining below freezing in the days leading up to our originally planned Twelfth Night event.   Our venue, Hanover Tavern, graciously allowed us to reschedule the event which, unfortunately, meant that many of our friends who were going to join us were unable to do so for the new date.  However, it also meant that many friends who had not been able to join us before could!  We were delighted with the turnout to the event given the circumstances.  It seems the old saying that, "Virginians will dance or die," held true at our festivities in that the gaming tables were utterly shunned in favor of the dancing, capably led by Mr. Charles Steplively.  There was much conversation and laughter which carried on through the evening.  The food was excellent and the beautifully decorated Twelfth Cake, made by RSV member, Kim Costa, made the party even more convivial.  The evening concluded with one final dance, a spirited rendition of "Sir Roger de Coverley," to the great amusement of all.  Thank you to everyone who made this such a wonderful evening!  If you'd like to see pictures, you can find them in our Facebook album.

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