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Home Schooling-Regency Style

04/22/2020 1:12 PM | Kimberly Costa (Administrator)

Greetings Gentle Readers. As many of you have now taken on the additional role of teacher we thought you'd like a glimpse of what a day was like in the life of a Regency Governess. This excerpt comes from A Governess in the Age of Jane Austen- The Journals and Letters of Agnes Porter. Ms. Porter was born in 1752. Though she did have thoughts and hopes of marriage, alas it was not to be, and thus turned her eyes to the education of children. She was the governess to tee second Earl of Ilchester's children and grandchildren. 


I go on as usual with the dear children. They come to me at half-past seven, stay near three hours, then I breakfast with their papa and mama. I them am by myself till one o'clock-I walk , work, read and write at pleasure. I again meet my pupils at their dinner and my nunch at one, and they stay with me till half-past four. I then dress for dinner at five. The children come in at desert, and continue in company till eight. I then very often see the two elder young ladies put to bed, and after that return below stairs to the drawing-room till ten. Then to bed. I endeavor to be as useful as possible to my dear pupils, and may God bless them here and ever, Amen. A. A. Porter, Penrice Castle, Swansea, March 24th, 1804.

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