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An Epicurous Walk Down Old Bond Street

04/27/2020 3:09 PM | Kimberly Costa (Administrator)

In 1815 Mr. Ralph Rylance visited over 650 shops and restaurants to create his Epicure's Almanack. His aim was to guide the publick to places of good quality whilst dining in London. Though future additions were promised, alas, it was not to be. Let's follow Mr. Rylance down Old-Bond Street...

At. No. 20, in Old Bond-Street, is Hawkin's (late Wade's) warehouse, for the sale of mineral and spa waters.
No. 19, is Chapman's, a celebrated Fruit-Shop, where jellies, ices, marmalades, cakes, liqueurs, and other delicious things are sold in the highest state of perfection.
At No. 4, is the shop of Lyne, a confectioner, who supplies routs and balls with the multifarious produce of his ovens.
At No. 45, Mr. Others has long kept a princely repository long noted for the finest forest venison.
No. 166, Piccadilly, facing Old Bond-Street, is the Shop of Messrs. R. and J. Taylor, who style themselves Fish Salesmen. Perambulate all London, and you will nowhere find so splendid a display of fine fish.

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