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New on the Blog: The Other Treasury Secretary You Should Know

Regency Society of Virginia | Published on 5/2/2021
Okay, we admit it.  Until Lin-Manuel Miranda came along, not many people would have said that it was possible to make Early Republic Treasury Secretaries cool.  Since he managed to prove it was possible to make the Founders fashionable, however, we would like to submit another candidate for your consideration:  Albert Gallatin.

Our latest blog post endeavors to help us become more familiar with this (also immigrant) gentleman who holds the title for longest serving Secretary of the Treasury.  Gallatin's list of achievements is impressive (dare we say that he was in many "rooms where it happened"...?) and also deserves to be acknowledged for his unsung role in the forming of the nation.

So, get to know Jefferson's and Madison's answer to Hamilton at the Treasury and check out the blog today!